Joyce Tang (HongKong)

ADEX 2017 Ocean Ambassador
Joyce Tang is a Hong Kong actress and PADI Rescue Diver. She played one of the main roles in the movie “Armed Reaction” and also acted in many other television series including “Dragon”, “Step Into the Past”, “Wars of In-Laws II” and “Who Loved Women”. Joyce loves the serenity and beauty of the ocean, especially the marine life in it, which has made her determined to save the ocean.

Yorko Summer (Taiwan)

ADEX Ambassador for Photography
Yorko Summer is a well-known Taiwanese underwater photographer. He has worked as a senior diving instructor, travel journalist and photography lecturer. He has also been the judge of many international underwater photo contests.

Ngo Ka Nin (Hong Kong)

ADEX 2018 Ocean Ambassador/Celebrity Speaker
Ngo Ka-nin is a renown Hong Kong actor, host and full-time artiste of TVB. Ngo won numerous awards over the years and is perhaps best known for his role as Chiang Bit-man in the 2009 drama Rosy Business, which earned him the Most Improved Actor award and a Best Supporting Actor nomination at the 2009 TVB Anniversary Awards. His popularity got a further boost when he delivered a sterling performance as Tong Gat in No Regrets.

Aolin Wang (China)

ADEX Ambassador for Freediving
Wang Ao Lin is a freediving athlete. In 2015, he founded “Jie Ta Freediving School”. Ao Lin is also the president of China’s AIDA International Freediving Association. He represented his country in the AIDA Individual Apnea Depth World Championship in the same year and set National records in 3 different categories.

Alan Lo (Hong Kong)

ADEX Ambassador for Macro Photography
Alan Lo is a commercial photographer based in Hong Kong and a scuba diving aficionado. Alan Lo has also been selected as “the world’s top 50 underwater photographer” for Blancpain’s “Edition Fifty Fathoms” . Alan Lo is also the only spokesperson for Seacam Hong Kong in the world’s top diving camera shell brand.

Doudou (China)

ADEX Ambassador for Marine Conversation
Fascinated by outdoor sports since young, Doudou has travelled to over a hundred countries to capture the beauty of the diverse life . She teamed up with China’s CCTV to photograph the most spectacular animal migration documentary on the sea floor, and was described as “the woman playing with sharks” in a Chinese best—seller.

Yuri Chan (Hong Kong)

ADEX Ambassador for Mermaids
Yuri Chan is the founder of the Mermaid Star (HK) Academy, a film actor, singer, and an ex-TVB artist. Yuri wanted to become a mermaid since her childhood and started a mermaid course in 2016 – the only mermaid course in Hong Kong. She wants to promote the mermaid art all around the world.

Tova Harel


Nicole Helgason


Alexey Molchanov (Russia)

Alexey Molchanov has set a world record of constant weight free latent. which has broken his own AIDI world record in a constant weight free flight with 129 meters in three minutes.

Jean-Pol Francois (Belgium/Phillippines)

ADEX Ambassador For Freediving
JP is a professional freediving instructor, and the Head of Education at AIDA International and PADI IT. With over 25 years of freediving experience, and holding some national and world records, JP has travelled all around Southeast Asia to share his passion and develop a free diving community.

Dada Li (China)

ADEX Ambassador for Freediving
Dada Li is the first Chinese female PADI Master Freediver Instructor and AIDA international freediving instructor and Judge. She single handedly created the first professional underwater performance team comprising of freedivers. She has been interviewed by Reuters, China Central Television, Guangdong TV, Jiangsu TV and other well-known media.

Pepe Arcos (Spain)

ADEX Honorary Ambassador for Filmmaking
Former Freediving champion and now a full time photographer and filmmaker, Pepe Arcos is an award winning multitalented shooter that explores this underwater domain, holding breath for minutes at a time to capture unique images of ethereal calm.

Suzy Lim (HongKong)


Eve Young (China)

Eve has worked as an actress, won various beauty pageants in China, and hosted the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. She now hopes to use her influence to bring people together to help protect the future of the oceans. Her love for diving led her into marine conservation and research, where she has developed a passion for understanding how human activities are impacting marine habitats.

Victoria Long (USA)


Moon Zheng (China)


Heart Chen (10 yrs old) (China)


Hidy Yu (Hong Kong)

ADEX Ambassador For Mermaids
Hidy (Yu Hiu Tung) started modeling at a young age of 18 and was the 2011 Miss Scuba International Ambassador. She is a dive instructor qualified by NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) and also the Naui Worldwide Ambassador. Hidy has participated in 3 action movies[Kick Ass Girls, 紅毛道士, Special Female Force (in production).

Lulu (China)


Syrena (Singapore)

Syrena, Singapore’s First Mermaid, has been making waves as Singapore’s first ever professional mermaid, as well as the founder of the Singapore Mermaid School. She is forging a new mermaid movement in Asia: one that champions strength, beauty, and love as the core values of every siren of the seas. The Singapore Mermaid School is the first of its kind! Blending mermaid theory and physicality, it immerses students in a holistic mermaid experience that’s the experience of a lifetime.