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Alexis, also known as Merman Arion, was born in Paris, France in 1989, the same year Disney's "The Little Mermaid" came out. Born deaf, Alexis got his first hearing aids at the age of 5. He discovered schooling and swimming and found a deep connection with the ocean, always the first into the water and the last one out. He finally saw "The Little Mermaid" and that inspired him to become the merman he is today. He always found the silence beneath the surface to be relaxing and grants him his escape from daily life.


Amelia Jane Lassetter, also known as "Mermaid Amelia", is a professional mermaid, artist and photographer. Working at aquariums and festivals in her home country of Australia as one half of "The Perth Mermaids", her aim is to entertain and educate through her performances and art. Amelia is a trained freediver and has swum with over ten species of shark; which are quickly becoming her favourite animal. When she isn't being her mermaid self, Amelia can be found looking after her two young children and studying at university.


Audrey is the winner of the Miss Mermaid Singapore 2017 Competition. As a young girl, Audrey suffered a phobia of water after experiencing a traumatizing experience of being submerged under water at a young age. However, she overcame the fear of water and went on to win the Miss Mermaid title with swimming with a mermaid tail being one of the requirements. Inspired by Ariel of the Little Mermaid, Audrey strives to push herself and her own personal limits.

Mitchelinedefino.png  CHIE DEFINO (PHILIPPINES)

Currently located in Romblon Romblon in the Philippines, Choe Defino manages her own mermaid school, the Mitcheline Mermaid Academy, and assists with the management of Romblon Pirates, a newly-opened scuba dive shop. Her “mermaid dream” is to create a sanctuary made from coral, and to educate people on how to protect and sustain it. 


Dada Li, humbly is the first Chinese female PADI Master Freediver Instructor and AIDA international freediving instructor and Judge. Single handedly created the first professional underwater performance team composed of freedivers only. For her commitments and contributions towards her work well done, she was interviewed by Reuters, China Central Television, Guangdong TV, Jiangsu TV and other well-known Medias as well.


Hidy started modeling at a young age of 18 and was the 2011 Miss Scuba International Ambassador. She is a dive instructor qualified by NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) and also the Naui Worldwide Ambassador. Hidy has participated 3 action movies[Kick Ass Girls, 紅毛道士, Special Female Force (in production). Her hobbies include Ultra Trail, Boxing, Running, Hiking, Yoga, Traveling, Eating, Movie, for sure DIVING!


Jessica Bell, "Mermaid Jessica Pearl" or "Mermaid Jess" is one half of the performing duo "The Perth Mermaids" from Perth in Western Australia. As a freediver, artist and photographer, she is passionate about creating love for the ocean through the wonder of ocean mythology, creativity and performance. Jess has performed all over Australia but especially enjoys working with ethical aquariums where she can gently educate people about ocean ecology. She is particularly interested in defending the reputation of sharks and the role of the ocean in improving mental health.


Joyce’s diving journey started in 2011, and now she is a PADI dive master and Hong Kong’s first real mermaid. Passionate for underwater photography, Joyce garnered awards for international underwater photo contests and have been published in various magazines. She hopes that her photos will let evertone see the beauty of the ocean and motivate them to realize that we need to protect it. Joyce has taken her ideas of conservation and human connection to another level. She has also put her camera down, and swims into other photographers’ frames as an underwater model and mermaid as she endeavors to make the ocean-human connection more tangible.


Odessa Bugarin is a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor. She is currently taking her AIDA Level four free diving course and have also started her competitive free diving career this year. She has her mermaid school located in Anilao Batangas, Philippines. Odessa Mermaid Academy aims to give not just fun to their students, their lessons include information which spread awareness about marine environment conservation, as well as wildlife. They find all that vital especially to the kids. OMA's mission is to get everyone, especially kids involved with nature because the children of today will be their future. Odessa wants people to see her as a mermaid with an advocacy. A mermaid with a cause.


Syrena, Singapore’s First Mermaid, has been making waves as Singapore’s first ever professional mermaid, as well as the founder of the Singapore Mermaid School. She is forging a new mermaid movement in Asia: one that champions strength, beauty, and love as the core values of every siren of the seas. The Singapore Mermaid School is the first of its kind! Blending mermaid theory and physicality, it immerses students in a holistic mermaid experience that’s the experience of a lifetime. Catch the mermaids of the Singapore Mermaid School in action as they splash their way to ADEX 2016!


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