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ADEX Ambassador of Photography
Aaron Wong is one of the most published and recognised underwater photographers in Asia. With over a decade of field experience, Aaron’s images and his trademark lighting technique have won him international acclaim. He is also the official ADEX Ambassador of Photography.


Adrienne Gittus founded Soulwater Productions in 2015. She established her market niche in the Gili Islands and Komodo, becoming the number one creator of diving promotional videos for a variety of operations, including high-end liveaboards. She has also supplied footage to CNN, Discovery and National Geographic. Adrienne’s most enduring passion is the desire to use imagery to preserve our oceans, specifically, the fight to save sharks and rays in her adopted home of Indonesia. Her most recent project has been accepted into a number of international film festivals, and recently won the Emerging Filmmaker Award at the prestigious Blue Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit 2016 in Florida.


Alan Lo is a commercial photographer based in Hong Kong and a scuba diving aficionado. He expresses his passion for the underwater world through his multifaceted approach to photography, which is grounded in his innovative and artistic interpretation of life, people and Nature. Alan’s work has evolved and progressed significantly over the last 20 years, from his early creative print work and exhibitions, through a range of architectural commissions, commercial projects and personal photographic explorations. These opportunities, combined with his creative drive, have helped develop a wide range of skills and photographic styles as well as a tight and punchy approach to image creation.


Alegra Ally is an Ethnographer, and an award winning photographer, whose work has focused on worldwide indigenous cultures. Ally is the founder of the Wild Born Project, which focuses on Ecological knowledge, indigenous women, cultural and climate changes.

AndrewMariott.jpg  ANDREW MARRIOTT (USA)

Andrew is a long time diver, photographer and writer. Originally from the USA he found the ocean while working in the world of financial derivatives. After a move to Guam he devoted himself full time to the ocean, helping many new divers fall in love with the water while working as an instructor and enthusiastic underwater photographer. After much encouragement from his friends and students, he devoted himself full time to taking and sharing his images and writing about diving. His writing and photos have appeared in major magazines across the world and he is the author of the book Legends Beneath the Waves Vol. 1: Truk Lagoon. Currently he is working on the next two books in that series while living in Beijing with his awesome wife Dalice and two daughters Elly and EJ “Doomy”.

AnthonyLenzo.png  ANTHONY S. LENZO (USA)

Anthony S. Lenzo is a five-time Emmy Award winner for Innovative Camera Systems, POV Technician, Electronic Cinematographer and Technical Team Remote. He has worked as a director of photography, a camera operator, an engineer, inventor, jib operator and an equipment manufacturer.


Bart Lukasik is a professional underwater videographer and dive expedition guide. Over the past 5 years he has gathered vast diving and filming experience working on different projects on the east coast of Southern Africa. Bart's work has been published worldwide by respected natural history content providers.


Growing up in the sunny island of Penang, his love of wildlife and the seas was fostered at a very young age by his father.

He now combines his life’s two passions of flying and scuba diving by making the most of the opportunities of his day job as an airline pilot to travel and dive around the world. He is now a qualified GUE Level 2 Technical and Cave diver.

An amateur self-taught photographer, his images have been published in dive publications and featured in a number of dive-related websites. He sees his images as a means to share not only the wonders of the ocean with friends and colleagues but also to highlight its fragility and the importance of protecting ocean ecosystems.


Brett Lobwein is a passionate underwater photographer growing up on the waterways of the Port Hacking River in the southern suburbs of Sydney, Australia. His love of SCUBA diving grew in the early 2000s working in a local dive shop. In 2010 he started to take a keen interest in underwater photography purchasing his first DSLR housing. From his first trip to swim with the Humpback Whales in Tonga he was completely hooked on underwater photography. His other passion is to explore the paths less travelled. Combining these two passions he has managed to capture images throughout Australia and internationally.

Brett is a member of The Elysium Artists for the Arctic expedition where he was able to capture stunning images of the enthralling Arctic wilderness. He is a resident photographer at Ocean Geographic, and a winner of many International Photography Awards.


Bulent Selli is an awarded professional underwater photographer and photography instructor. His passion spread out underwater imaging took him to found Imbat Underwater Imaging Center. He’s organizing worldwide underwater imaging workshops and expeditions with his imaging team. He is also shooting photo projects for government and companies. There are three personal exhibitions in his career.

ClaudiaSchmitt.png Hendrick.png   CLAUDIA  &  HENDRICK

The Jetlagged are Hendrik and Claudia, always on the search for adventures ranging from the polar circle to the equator. On their journey through the wonders of the world’s exciting destinations, these action-loving filmmakers and divers deliver beautiful impression, support environmental projects and enjoy diving as a lifestyle.

Hendrik has studied filmmaking and has been working as director for different kinds of films for many years. Claudia complements his profound camera skills above and below the water and organizes their productions. As independent filmmakers, they write, produce and edit their films themselves.

By recording and transporting photos, videos and stories in and around the sea, their intention is to inspire others to explore, experience and protect our oceans and our nature.

CristianDimitrus.jpg  CRISTIAN DIMITRUS (BRAZIL)

Cristian Dimitrus is a Brazilian Emmy Award Winning cinematographer, photographer and television presenter specializing in wildlife and natural history films around the world. Cristian's innovating cinematography and unorthodox camera techniques are helping revolutionise the way people see and perceive wildlife. Hes goal is always to bring an innovative approach, using the latest techniques, equipment and revolutionary creative resources to plunge the audience into the animal world. In addition to several film credits, Cristian has shot for the world's top television networks including the BBC, National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Animal Planet & Globo TV


A single skin dive in a water reservoir in northern Germany fascinated Dietmar Fuchs enough to start his diving career at an early age. Fuchs attended the University of Munich for graduate studies in marine biology. After 30 years as an editor-in-chief at various international media, Fuchs found his true addiction: Editing and promoting underwater photo art, which he has done since 2008. Fuchs became a board member of the German Dive Federation in 2016, as well as editor-in-chief of the largest dive publication in German, VDST.

EduardoAcevedo.jpg  EDUARDO ACEVEDO (SPAIN)

Eduardo was born in 1972,Tenerife(Canary Island) Spain. He has been in contact with the sea all his life, first in apnea and after scuba diving since 1990.Entered to the world of underwater photography in 1998.With the analogic cameras He uses a Nikon but with the change to digital He prefers Canon/Seacam. He has dived all over the world, Indonesia, Malaysia, Polynesia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, Solomons, Baja california, South Africa, Mozambique, Bahamas ......etc but Eduardo always stay with my Canary Islands for its diversity and clarity of the water.


Edward was the chairman of the Hong Kong Mould and Die Council from 1993 until 2003. Edward started diving in 1997. He is passionate about  the underwater world and marine conservation. 
He founded Nauticam with the mission of providing the most ergonomic and robust underwater imaging equipment. He personally tested the different ranges of camera housing.

EvanSherman.jpg  EVAN SHERMAN (USA)

Evan Sherman is the owner of Seasick Productions, a full-service multimedia company that specializes in underwater imaging, providing on location and studio production services around the world. Evan’s professional underwater credits include television networks, Fortune 500 companies and numerous entities within the dive industry. Evan’s recent film, Bali Close Up, received Video of the Year at the ADEX 2016 Voice of the Ocean Competition, earned first place at the World ShootOut Underwater Photo Grand Prix, and Best of Show/Stan Waterman Legacy Award at the Turquoise Bay International Underwater Film Festival.


Glenn having received a design education from a young age, he usually presents his visuals very much in a rather "minimalist" approach, defining only what is essential and critical to the needs of the user, even till now, we see the minimalist design approach in his professional work in Photography

Presenting photography in a minimalist concept is challenging, sometimes made even harder because Light is not always forgiving, it takes a special interest, to understand and to know how light reacts and how light colors react in different times of the day.

Glenn has taken the approach one step further, understanding Light beneath the ocean, and have recently been accredited as a Master Photographer in United Kingdom with the Master Photographer’s Association, for his confidence and consistency in producing images of professional quality and visuals of stunning details and colors and a member of Weddings, Portrait Photographer International, WPPI ( United States ) and memberships with Canon Professional Services and Nikon Professional Services.

HowardnMicheleHall.jpg  HOWARD & MICHELE HALL (USA)

Howard and Michele Hall specialize in underwater giant format film production. IMAX films produced and/or directed by Howard and Michele include Into the DeepIsland of the SharksDeep Sea 3D, and Under the Sea 3D. The Halls have also contributed to many other giant format productions including The Living SeaJourney Into Amazing CavesCoral Reef AdventureJourney to the South PacificHumpback Whales and Lost Worlds.

The Hall’s have produced numerous award-winning television films for PBS Nature, National Geographic, the BBC and other broadcasters. They are the recipients of seven Emmy Awards, and numerous other industry awards and recognitions.

Howard is a member of the Directors Guild and Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Michele is a member of the Woman Diver’s Hall of Fame and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. In 2016 Howard and Michele were named as honorees of the 2016 Hans Hass Award.


Imran Ahmad is Asia’s most celebrated and internationally published professional underwater photographer. He has been capturing the magnificence of life both below and above the water’s surface for over 20 years.  His style is different from anything seen. He is known for his “Experimental Photography with light and motion”.

Imran graduated from Middlesex University with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Making. He is an ambassador for Blancpain Ocean Commitment, SEACAM (Austria), RGBlue Lights (Japan), DEEPBLU and member of the Ocean Artist Society (USA).

He spends much of his time as a professional photographer, mentor, and photo judge. He gives presentations, globally and promotes photography in all its aspect, both as an art and documentation.

He currently resides in and operates from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with his family. He organizes photo workshops/trips on creative, underwater, travel, commercial and photojournalism around the world.


Jim Chen loves extreme sports and underwater photography combines both adventure and art creation perfectly. In 2007, he was certified as an open water diver and in 2008, his underwater photography journey began. He also received exclusive interviews from British Daily Mail, Apple Daily, TVBS and other media.



Underwater filmmaker, professional diver, pilot, soldier, conservationist and writer, Krov Menuhin has pursued a life of adventure, exploring the earth’s extremities and, he says, “experiencing the oceans and the atmosphere first-hand”.

Menuhin moved to the Bahamas in his teens and took up deep-sea diving, which, along with flying, later became a vocation and a lifelong passion. After leaving university in 1961, he served for three years with the U.S. Army’s Special Forces, the famous Green Berets.

Recognized as one of the foremost underwater cameramen in the 1970s and 1980s, he produced, directed and filmed what the BBC calls ‘the worlds first whale film’ the Valdes Bay of Whales in 1972 and won top honours for his work at the World Wildlife Film Festival. In the 1980s, he became the first to film the Blue Whale underwater and directed the French television adventure series, USHUAIA staying with them until he retired in 2010.

Menuhin is now the Chairman of the Hans Hass Award for excellence and contributions to man’s understanding of the oceans, one of the most prestigious in the Marine world.

{sliderLaurentBallesta.png   LAURENT BALLESTA (FRANCE)}

Laurent Ballesta studied marine biology, which culminated in a Master’s degree. He discovered a species of fish hitherto unknown in the Western Mediterranean. Combining his passion for underwater photography with his work as a biologist, Laurent has won numerous awards, and has been featured in international publications.


Luca Vaime age 36 from Switzerland based in Bali, Indonesia. Photographer, Film Maker and Photography Instructor at the Underwater Tribe.  

Underwater Photographer since 2003. Luca loves to take picture of healthy reefs with many small colorful fish. He has been in living abroad since 2000 and Indonesia since 2005. Other places he has been working as diver include Australia, Maldives, Thailand and Egypt. Luca also practice regularly Aikido and love go surfing in his free time.


Lynn Wu found a passion for the underwater world during a trip to Palau in 2006. She likes taking macro objects and her works have been published in various magazines and newspapers, she also won several awards including the Compact Camera Photo of the Year for Deepblu ADEX Voice of the Ocean 2016.


Luca Vaime age 36 from Switzerland based in Bali, Indonesia. Photographer, Film Maker and Photography Instructor at the Underwater Tribe.  

Underwater Photographer since 2003. Luca loves to take picture of healthy reefs with many small colorful fish. He has been in living abroad since 2000 and Indonesia since 2005. Other places he has been working as diver include Australia, Maldives, Thailand and Egypt. Luca also practice regularly Aikido and love go surfing in his free time.



In past years he’s running in many photo contests, gaining many prizes and placements in some of the best world events. Since 2013, he’s a member of “Nauticam Italy Image team”. In 2015, he founded IUPS – Italian Underwater Photography Society. And in 2016, he founded with Davide Lopresti, he was also appointed as FixNeo Ambassador for the Japanese FISHEYE company in the same year.

MartySnyderman.jpg  MARTY SNYDERMAN (USA)

One of approximately 80 people inducted into DEMA’s SCUBA diving Hall of Fame, Marty Snyderman is a proud recipient of DEMA’s 2008 Reaching Out Award. Marty is an EMMY Award winning cinematographer, still photographer, author and speaker specializing in the marine environment. The Marine Life Editor of Dive Training magazine, Marty produces at least three columns a month in every issue, including the underwater photography column entitled Behind The Lens and a natural history column entitled What’s That. He is also the Senior Editor and a columnist for California Diving News, and the co-author of a series of apps on underwater photography. Marty teaches underwater photography seminars in dive centers in North America and at destinations around the globe.

Marty’s still photography has been used by the National Geographic Society, Nature Conservancy, National Wildlife Federation, Oceana, Shark Research Institute, and many major publications, natural history museums and aquaria that express interest in marine wildlife and related issues. Marty serves on the Board of Trustees of the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF), an organization that utilizes citizen volunteers around the world to provide data for research scientists studying the health of the world’s oceans.

In December of 2016, Marty and his partner, Rick Voight, launched a subscription-based online magazine called Featured-Creatures that is produced for elementary age kids and the adults in their lives. Each monthly edition features specific marine animals.

Marty’s cinematography has been seen on numerous National Geographic productions, the PBS series Nature, the Discovery Channel, the BBC, ESPN and many other networks around the world.


Mathieu Meur has been shooting underwater for over 25 years – first as a freediver, and then moving into scuba. He was among the first to adopt and promote digital technology in underwater photography, authoring the first PADI-approved digital underwater photography specialty course in the world in 2001.


Michael Aw is an author, explorer and conservation photographer. His accolades include winning more than 63 international photographic awards including being named as one of the world’s most influential Nature photographers by Outdoor Photography, and in 2013 he was the first Asian to be awarded a NOGI by the American Academy of Underwater Arts and Science. In 2012, Michael’s Indonesia’s Global Treasures won the Palme d’Or International Prize for Best Book of the Year at the World Underwater Pictures Festival (Festival Mondial de l’Image Sous-Marine). Michael is the first author/underwater photographer to have won this prestigious award twice; the first was for Philippines – Heart of the Ocean in 2009.

MikeVeitch.jpg  MIKE VEITCH (CANADA)

Mike is a Canadian national who has been living in the Indo-Pacific region since the late 90s. Starting his full time diving life in Palau in 1999, Mike has since worked in Fiji, Tahiti, Yap, and Indonesia with many travels in between.  Mike is a well known underwater photographer who regularly contributes to many international magazines with his photography and writing.  Mike won the “World in Our Hands” category of the prestigious BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards in 2013.  With a passion for teaching others the art of underwater photography, Mike is one of the co-founders of the Underwater Tribe, a boutique dive company based in Bali.  Mike uses Nauticam housings, Sea and Sea strobes, and FIX Neo lights for all of his imaging needs.


Nuswanto Lobbu began his underwater adventure under the supervision and training of the late and great Larry Smith in Lembeh Strait. Through out his career, Nus met and worked with many professional underwater photographers, marine biologists and scientists, with over 20 years experience in guiding and diving experience. He is also a qualified CMAS and POSSI instructor and an SSI and SDI instructor. He is currently part of the management team of Maluku Divers Resort in Ambon, Maluku. 


The passion for underwater photography has always been so important to for him that he decided to turn it into a work. In 2009, he founded Digital Media Service to sell underwater photo equipments. One of his images has been chosen from Nature’s Best Photography to be displayed at Smithsonian Museum of Washington DC (USA). 


Growing up on the shores of the Mediterranean, wind surfing at 7 and diving at 16, salt water pretty much runs through her veins. Ditching a promising corporate America career, Roni spent a decade living, dive-guiding, and holding management positions in the tourism industry in 4 continents, bringing her industry knowledge and passion for conservation and sustainable living wherever she goes. Roni is currently the Reservations Manager at Atlantis Philippines - Dive Resorts & Liveaboards.


Saygun Dura is an awarded professional underwater photographer, dive instructor and owner of an advertisement photography studio which is shooting famous brands of Turkey. He gave studio and light technique lessons in several universities during 2004-2014. He had personal exhibitions in New York and Istanbul. Also invited as jury member to photography competitions.

SimonLorenz_FB.png   SIMON LORENZ (Hong Kong)

Simon dedicates himself to dive travel, journalism, pool photography and distribution of photography products. A life-long traveler who speaks 6 languages and has dived on 6 continents, he takes groups of divers to exciting destinations. His ambition is to provide unusual dive experiences and develop the capabilities of his guests. Articles and photographs by Simon have appeared in magazines around the world. In his home town Hong Kong he runs the first and only underwater modeling studio Pool Portrait. With his distribution company FiveGills he imports underwater camera gear from Europe and North America for dive shops in Asia.


Tim Ho is actively involved in today’s underwater compact camera scene in Malaysia. He uses simple set-ups in 
his technical approach, and teaches his preferred methods to other photography enthusiasts.



Tobias Friedrich started taking underwater photos in 2007. Since then, he has been published in a number of prestigious scuba diving magazines. He is passionate about taking on new challenges, and is constantly looking for new and creative ways to take underwater photographs.


Vincent_Trachet.jpg  VINCENT TRUCHET (FRANCE)

Diving is for Vincent a simple way to be in contact with wild animals. It's observation, interaction, contact with wildlife that really fascinates him. Living in French Polynesia since 2010, he lives surrounded by water. The lagoon is in front of his door and the ocean at less than 100m. It is an asset to dive every day with the fauna of the Pacific ocean.

Vincent entered the professional photography world by winning some competitions but for him it is not an end in itself. The most important thing is to share images and experiences. In 2014 he work for Blancpain, in 2015 for Breitling, his photos are chosen by the BBC wildlife for their calendar, by Canon for an advertisement and for prestigious publications like the Blancpain fifty fathoms edition. He is part of the Isotta team and from 2017 he organizes photo expeditions throughout Polynesia.

YoshiHirata.png  YOSHI HIRATA (JAPAN)

A marine biologist and accomplished underwater photographer, Yoshi Hirata began his passion for diving when he was researching the rich marine resources of Sipadan and Mabul back in 1993 as a marine consultant. During the course of his work, he expressed his love for the sea by featuring thousands of amazing photos of Mabul in various magazine titles. He is also the author of 3 books namely “Oraga-Umi”, “With… My Expression of Love for the Sea” and “Art of the Sea”.

YorkoSummer.jpg  YORKO SUMMER (TAIWAN)

Yorko Summer is a well-known Taiwanese underwater photographer, his fascinating work shooting colorful underwater ecology and splendid human cultures beyond the horizon dazed many. His multiple identities include senior diving instructor, travel journalist, photography lecturer, and judges of many underwater photo contests.


Y.Zin is the first National Geographic Diver/Underwater Photographer in South Korea. She is introducing high quality underwater filming techniques along with underwater filming techniques along with underwater model education in the country, and is currently working as a commercial photographer


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